The 3 Worst Dating Scams On Dating Sites

Worst Dating Scams Ever Reported: Getting Their Victim's Addresses

With so many online dating platforms out there, it really isn't surprising to hear that people have been scammed when attempting to land a date on an online dating platform. However, there are some online dating scams that are worst than others. While some may result in someone having their credit card double-charged, some can result in identities being stolen, houses being robbed, or worse, death. One of the worst dating scams ever reported was of a man who started chatting with a girl who wanted to have sex. Since she wanted to come over, he sent her his adresse. However, she quickly changed her mind and stated how she would feel more comfortable meeting in person outside of his home before having sex with him. However, what this man didn't know what that he was actually chatting with a man, who planned to break into his home and rob him as soon as he stepped out of his home to meet this “girl” at a bar halfway across town.

Common Dating Site Scams to Avoid at all Cost: The Exchange of Personal Information

There are so many dating site scams out there, some of which are more common than others. One of the most common dating site scams is chatting with a hot single, who claims they want to have sex tonight, and exchanging personal information with them. Once they have your full name, phone number, and address, they can find out a lot about you online and attempt to rob you or get their hands on your credit card information.

Best Dating Scams: Fake Dating Platforms

While there are some online dating scams that are painfully obvious, there are some that are so clever it's hard to acknowledge how you even got scammed in the first place. Some of the best dating scams on the market are those that make you believe you have registered with a real online dating site, when in reality you have just signed up to get scammed. Watch out for websites that seem to promise sex and advertise as free. As these are the sites that tend to be made up by a group of professional scammers.

How to Keep Personal Information Online Private

If you want to join an online dating platform in Dunedin, NZ, but don't want to get scammed, it is always a good idea to somewhat lie on your application. Instead of giving your real date of birth, email, or last name, try and come up with false ones. This makes sites that don't use proper authentication processes accept your information, therefore securing it. This way, if the site isn't actually legit and attempts to use your personal information online, they will not be able to get validated.

Online Scams on Dating Sites: They're Everywhere

What some people do not realize is just how popular online dating sites really are. Just because you have signed up to a legit online dating platform like Eharmony,, or Plenty of Fish, does not mean that you don't have any risks of getting scammed online. The truth is that online scams on dating sites are everywhere, and can easily look like a legitimate person. No matter how legit the online dating site is, online scammers can easily make a profile and start to claim their victims.