5 Best Relationship Tips from Men

relationship tips womenRelationship Tips for Women

Do Not Be Afraid to Compliment Him

Almost all of the relationship tips for women talk about what to do when your date compliments you. However, the best dating tips by men for women will tell you that you should also not be afraid to pay him a compliment from time to time. Something simple like recognizing his new haircut or letting him know that you love how he looks in his blue shirt will show a man that you are paying attention and are interested in him. This also gives you a chance to take charge and ensure some power balance in your relationship which is one of the best tough and smart dating tips for women that you can use to ensure an equal relationship with your man.

Don’t Be Shy and Not Eat in Front of Him

Male dating advice often recommends that women not be afraid to satiate their appetite when they are out on a date. Men know that you eat because food is necessary for survival. You clearly do not live off of a single side salad each day, so there is no need to do this when you are out on a date. Order what you want and order enough of it. You can always grab a to-go box or share your food with him if your eyes become bigger than your stomach. If you are not completely full after eating your main course, do not be shy and ask for that dessert menu. You can split a dessert or have your own, depending on how much more food you can comfortably eat.

Remember that Men Are Not Mind Readers

Dating advice from men will remind you that men are not psychic and they cannot just know what you are thinking unless you directly say it. With men, it is best to be direct and tell them exactly what you want. This not only alleviates his worry over not knowing what you are thinking, but it also opens up the lines of communication between the two of you. Remember that when you are open and working to communicate as well as possible, this will encourage him to also be more open and honest, and willing to communicate more freely with you.

If You Are Interested, Make it Known

No list of dating tips for women is complete until it tells you that you need to let a man know when you are interested. You do not need to rent a billboard or even come out and tell him straight up. Things like touching his arm, answering his calls and texts and going the extra mile to make him feel special will deliver this message. Now, there will be occasions when you do need to be direct because some men just do not read signals well. However, you will generally know if this is necessary based on a man’s response to your more subtle hints saying that you are interested.

Be Confident, but Not Conceited

Men’s dating advice for women in Rotorua, New Zealand will also explain that there is a difference between being confident and being conceited. Men do not want to hear you brag about your looks all throughout your date. Remember that they already find you attractive because this is one of the reasons that they are dating you. There is no need to essentially force your date to pay you compliments, or even worse, try to attract attention from other men in the room in an attempt to make your date jealous. Flaunt what you have, but do so in a more subtle way.

5 Top Men’s Relationship Tips for Women

women dating relationshipsRelationship Tips for Women

Take Initiative with Men

Relationship tips for women often specify that you should take initiative with men and this is because this works. The best dating sites that focus on dating for the modern woman will tell you that while you do not want to necessarily be bossy, you do not want to be completely indecisive either. Ideally, you want to make at least half of the decisions and contribute to all of them. Remember that when you are dating, it is a partnership. When you combine this bit of advice with other important dating tips for women that will transform your love life you can rest assured that you will kiss far fewer frogs before you finally find your prince.

Always Take a Compliment

Dating advice from men to women will show you that few things frustrate men more than when a man pays a woman a compliment and she disagrees or argues with him. When he gives you a compliment it is because he means it and wants you to feel good about yourself. When your man gives you a compliment keep this in mind and respond happily. There are no hidden motives behind the compliment and your man is not trying to make you feel any negative emotions as a result.

Flaunt What You Are Good At

When you look at male dating advice you will see that men appreciate a woman with skills and confidence. If you are great at sports, when you play together, play your hardest. Do not let him win just because he is the man. If you are smart, do not play down your intelligence. Be proud of your strengths and accomplishments and do not minimize them in an attempt to make your man feel inferior. If the man you are dating is a good man, he will flaunt your strengths right along with you.

Be Honest About What You Love

Dating advice from a man will tell you that you do not have to pretend to like something just because he likes it. It is perfectly okay to have interests that the two of you do not share. You should not be afraid to disagree and ask questions because this allows the two of you to learn more about each other. Keep up with your hobbies and let him maintain his. There are plenty of other things that the two of you can do together and you will bond plenty over these, so you do not have to share everything.

Never Lose Respect for Yourself

Tucson men provide this piece of dating advice to women because they want to be with a woman who has respect for herself above all else. There are times when we are in a relationship and we start letting ourselves go. We get too comfortable and most times we do not even realize this is happening. However, when we finally notice, it can take a toll on our self-esteem. It is important to keep doing you and not lose respect for yourself when you are dating someone. Remember that at the end of the day, you are the most important person to yourself. Your partner will love you more when you stand strong and keep being yourself no matter what.